4-H’ers Spread Love to Pender Memorial Residents


Members of the Pender County 4-H Teen Leadership Council gathered on February 13, 2013 to take part in a “loving” community service project.  The project consisted of them making Valentine’s Day cards for 40 long-term residents at Pender Memorial Hospital located in Burgaw, NC.  Council members were excited as they each made cards to help spread love on Valentine’s Day to people who may not otherwise receive any kind of card or visit.  The cards are scheduled to be delivered on Valentine’s Day to the residents.  This is just another great example of how 4-H’ers put their hands to larger service in the community that they live in.



The next Teen Leadership Council meeting will be held on March 12, 2013 from 6:00-7:30pm in the Ag. Building Auditorium.

The council is open to all youth ages 13-18 that have an interest in gaining important life skills such as leadership, citizenship, and workforce readiness.  Council members also participate in a variety of community service projects throughout the year.


4-H’ers Recognized at Achievement Night

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Pender County 4-H held their annual Achievement Night awards banquet at The Gathering Place Community Center in Burgaw, NC on February 1, 2013.  There were 80 4-H members, parents, volunteers, and guests in attendance for the event.  Youth were recognized for their accomplishments in 2012.  Program entertainment included Rocky Point 4-H’er, Taylor Wittenrich as she danced to Alex Clare’s “Too Close.”  In addition to the awards banquet, attendees brought can food items as a community service project to help benefit those in need.  The can food items were donated to Burgaw Holiness Church food ministry that operates out of The Gathering Place.  An estimated 200 can food items were donated to help feed the hungry.

Achievement Night is one night out of the year set aside to recognize the 4-H members who participated in 4-H activities, events, or competitions throughout the year.  Along with the 4-H members, volunteers are recognized for their hard work and commitment to Pender County 4-H.  Congratulations to all the 4-H members and volunteers for their efforts in 2012.



4-H members and their guests arriving and finding a seat for Achievement Night to begin.

4-H members and their guests arriving and finding a seat for Achievement Night to begin.

Going through the dinner line!

Going through the dinner line!

Photo Slide Show from 2012 playing in the background during dinner.

Photo Slide Show from 2012 playing in the background during dinner.

Lots of can food donated!

Lots of can food donated!

Buddies 4-H Club

Buddies 4-H Club

Barking Buddies 4-H Club

Barking Buddies 4-H Club

Holly Shelter 4-H Club

Holly Shelter 4-H Club

Coastal Explorers 4-H Club

Coastal Explorers 4-H Club

Dance Performance by 4-H'er, Taylor Wittenrich

Dance Performance by 4-H’er, Taylor Wittenrich



4-H Club Leaders

4-H Club Leaders

4-H Volunteers

4-H Volunteers

A few candid shots from the night:

IMG_0514 IMG_0523 IMG_0527 IMG_0535 IMG_0568 IMG_0575 IMG_0579 IMG_0595 IMG_0500

Photos taken by Johnny English













NC OMK’s 6th Annual Visual Arts Contest


NC OMK is excited to announce the 6th Annual NC Operation: Military Kids Visual Arts Contest. The contest is open to all North Carolina youth. Age categories are 5-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, and 16-19. Designed to introduce youth to the Visual Arts as a part of the 4-H Expressive Arts Curriculum, youth will utilize their skills and their artistry to capture their views of America and patriotism.

This year’s themes are:

– America the Beautiful

– Proud to be an American

– Patriotic Pride

– Celebrating Our Heroes…Past and Present

Contest rules and guidelines can be found at www.nc4h.org/military/index/html or http://www.operationmilitarykids.org/public/statePOCHome.aspx?state=North%20Carolina

Eligibility of Photos: All photographs must have been taken by youth between the dates of May 1, 2012 and the time of entry. Photos may be submitted only one time and in only one division and class to the North Carolina Operation: Military Kids photography contest.

Eligibility of Artwork: All artwork must have been created by youth between the dates of May 1, 2012 and the time of entry. Artwork may be submitted only one time and in only one division and class to the North Carolina Operation: Military Kids Visual Arts contest.

Entry Deadline: ENTRIES must arrive in the North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Office, postmarked no later than Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

What a great opportunity for all North Carolina youth to showcase their talent and skills in the Expressive Arts area.

Youth Learn About Turkeys!

Youth gather around to learn about raising and showing turkeys!

Youth gather around to learn about raising and showing turkeys!


The Youth Market Turkey Clinic was held on February 4, 2013 where fourteen parents, volunteers, and youth were present to learn about raising and showing turkeys in 4-H!  Turkeys are a great first-time show animal because they are low-maintenance, affordable, and fun!  Participants learned about the youth market turkey program than runs from March (registration)-October, when the youth participant shows their best turkey at the N.C. State Fair!  Basic turkey care facts, anatomy, and nutrition were presented by Abby Dilley, Pender/Onslow County Livestock Extension Agent.  Participants were able to see and visit with a live show turkey!  Turkey showmanship was demonstrated so the participants would understand how they would show their turkey.


Pender County 4-H'er, Morgan Wilson and her show turkey.

Pender County 4-H’er, Morgan Wilson and her show turkey.


For more information about 4-H or the youth market turkey program, please contact Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent at 910-259-1235 or lauren_langley@ncsu.edu.

4-H Teens Visit Goldsboro, NC for Winterfest Meeting

Four teens from the newly formed Pender County 4-H Teen Leadership Council recently attended the Southeast District Teen Winterfest Meeting.  The meeting was held on January 21, 2013 at the Wayne County Extension Office in Goldsboro, NC.  This is a one-day event usually held in December or January as a fun, team-building, leadership event for teens.  The Southeast District 4-H Council Officers plan the agenda and teach the workshops so it is truly an event for teens by teens.  There are eighteen counties in the Southeast District and most were represented at this meeting with a total of about 80 teens present.  The meeting was opened up with a fun 4-H Jeopardy Game where the teens were split into teams and were asked questions about 4-H.


Waiting for the meeting to start!  From left to right: Makayla Novak, Reagan Taylor, Katelyn Rivenbark, Kayla Hayes


Getting ready to play 4-H Jeopardy!



After lunch, teens were split into different groups and participated in a team-building workshop and a cooking workshop.  In the photo above, teens had to work together to bring the hoola hoop down to the floor without dropping it and only using one finger without curling your finger around the hoola hoop!  It was quite a challenge!


Listening to cooking instructions given by Kevin Artz, SE District Reporter.


Making Oreo dirt cake! Yum!


Making homemade oven fries!  Double Yum!  After the workshops concluded, everyone headed back to the auditorium to participate in a community service project.  The teens made hearts for Valentine’s Day to be given out to the community.




Everyone really had a great time learning and meeting other 4-H members in their district!  The next teen leadership event for the Southeast District will be Teen Retreat, which is held in March!

Coastal Explorers Give Back on MLK Holiday

While many of you were taking a much needed break from school and work, one group of dedicated 4-H’ers decided to give back to the community.  The Coastal Explorer 4-H Club was established in 2012 and consists of seven members.  They are a traditional community club that focuses on various topics and projects throughout the year and meet out of Hampstead, NC.

Tina Sharpe, the Coastal Explorer 4-H Club Leader tells about their community service project that they conducted on January 21, 2013:

Robert Anderson offers a great service to many members of the Burgaw Community, particularly focusing on seniors.   Several times a week,  the Armor of God Thrift store opens to a line of citizens who are in need of food.  Each individual has the chance to go and “shop” for the items that were brought in for that day.  Many times the local grocery stores donate day old or expired items that are still consumable.  They receive food from larger groups like Second Harvest (I believe it’s based in Raleigh), but just as often, the Burgaw Holiness Church will buy flats of canned goods for this need as well.  Our 4H’ers were on hand to assist these individuals, often disabled or injured, to their car.  Many of them were appreciative of the young, able-bodied 4H’ers and enjoyed joking about how young they once were…such as the picture here that includes a 92 year old man who still drives himself.  Thanks to Carson Futch who helped carry his bags.  It’s really helpful to have an extra set of hands since he has to use a walker to get in and out of the building.  Delaney Popella was humbled by the family who offered her pocket change in return for her help, even though she declined.   The gap between generations closed during that hour and a sense of community seemed apparent.  It was the perfect way to spend the holiday!
Coastal Explorer 4-H Club Members from left to right: Sam Sharpe, Chandler Futch, Jake Russell, Liz Sharpe, Delaney Popella and Carson Futch

Coastal Explorer 4-H Club Members from left to right: Chandler Futch, Sam Sharpe, Jake Russell, Liz Sharpe, Delaney Popella and Carson Futch

Carson Futch helping carry bags to this man's car.

Carson Futch helping carry bags to this man’s car.

Bridging to Partnership

The Pender County 4-H Teen Leadership Council met for the first time in 2013 on January 15th!  After introductions and pledges, a short leadership video was shown to the council members.  The video’s main impact was to show that leaders come from all walks of life and ages and that some of the most influential leaders of our time were actually not believed in early on.  Following the video, two models of leadership were introduced: transactional and transformational.  We found that you need both types of leaders to get things accomplished.

Next, teen council members spent several minutes brainstorming what they accomplished in 2012 and what they would like to do in 2013.  Here are some photos of them in action!



A lot of good ideas were brought to the table with this activity!  Everyone is excited about 2013 and ready to accomplish a lot!  Teen council members were then introduced into an activity titled, Bridging to Partnership.  The purpose of this activity was to get into groups and build a bridge that would be strong when tested with different weights.  With the main purpose being that no one can lead alone, leadership is influencing and supporting others in a positive manner toward a common goal.  In order for you to succeed as a leader, you have to build relationships and partnerships.

There were two groups and while both bridges held up to a lot of weight, one succeeded as the winner in the end.  We ended up stacking 8 cell phones worth of weight on the winning bridge and it did not collapse, while the other bridge collapsed earlier on.  Groups were given pipe cleaners, paper clips, and straws to build their bridge.

Group 1


And their winning bridge (mainly metal structure)…

Group 2


And their awesome bridge (mainly straw structure)…

And our conclusion?  Mini-cupcakes for everyone!


Stay tuned until next time… February 12th!