4-H Teens Visit Goldsboro, NC for Winterfest Meeting

Four teens from the newly formed Pender County 4-H Teen Leadership Council recently attended the Southeast District Teen Winterfest Meeting.  The meeting was held on January 21, 2013 at the Wayne County Extension Office in Goldsboro, NC.  This is a one-day event usually held in December or January as a fun, team-building, leadership event for teens.  The Southeast District 4-H Council Officers plan the agenda and teach the workshops so it is truly an event for teens by teens.  There are eighteen counties in the Southeast District and most were represented at this meeting with a total of about 80 teens present.  The meeting was opened up with a fun 4-H Jeopardy Game where the teens were split into teams and were asked questions about 4-H.


Waiting for the meeting to start!  From left to right: Makayla Novak, Reagan Taylor, Katelyn Rivenbark, Kayla Hayes


Getting ready to play 4-H Jeopardy!



After lunch, teens were split into different groups and participated in a team-building workshop and a cooking workshop.  In the photo above, teens had to work together to bring the hoola hoop down to the floor without dropping it and only using one finger without curling your finger around the hoola hoop!  It was quite a challenge!


Listening to cooking instructions given by Kevin Artz, SE District Reporter.


Making Oreo dirt cake! Yum!


Making homemade oven fries!  Double Yum!  After the workshops concluded, everyone headed back to the auditorium to participate in a community service project.  The teens made hearts for Valentine’s Day to be given out to the community.




Everyone really had a great time learning and meeting other 4-H members in their district!  The next teen leadership event for the Southeast District will be Teen Retreat, which is held in March!


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