Bridging to Partnership

The Pender County 4-H Teen Leadership Council met for the first time in 2013 on January 15th!  After introductions and pledges, a short leadership video was shown to the council members.  The video’s main impact was to show that leaders come from all walks of life and ages and that some of the most influential leaders of our time were actually not believed in early on.  Following the video, two models of leadership were introduced: transactional and transformational.  We found that you need both types of leaders to get things accomplished.

Next, teen council members spent several minutes brainstorming what they accomplished in 2012 and what they would like to do in 2013.  Here are some photos of them in action!



A lot of good ideas were brought to the table with this activity!  Everyone is excited about 2013 and ready to accomplish a lot!  Teen council members were then introduced into an activity titled, Bridging to Partnership.  The purpose of this activity was to get into groups and build a bridge that would be strong when tested with different weights.  With the main purpose being that no one can lead alone, leadership is influencing and supporting others in a positive manner toward a common goal.  In order for you to succeed as a leader, you have to build relationships and partnerships.

There were two groups and while both bridges held up to a lot of weight, one succeeded as the winner in the end.  We ended up stacking 8 cell phones worth of weight on the winning bridge and it did not collapse, while the other bridge collapsed earlier on.  Groups were given pipe cleaners, paper clips, and straws to build their bridge.

Group 1


And their winning bridge (mainly metal structure)…

Group 2


And their awesome bridge (mainly straw structure)…

And our conclusion?  Mini-cupcakes for everyone!


Stay tuned until next time… February 12th!


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