4-H Youth Learn All About Showing Goats!

The 2nd Annual Cape Fear Fair & Expo 4-H Goat Show was held on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at the fairgrounds in Wilmington.  There were a total of 20 youth participants ages ranging from 5 to 16 years old.  The event is ran by 6 adult and youth volunteers.  The event is by pre-registration only and is free of charge thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Farm Bureau of Pender County, Cape Fear Farm Credit, Wolftracks T-Shirts, Cape Fear Fair & Expo, Hudson’s Hardware, 4-H, NC Cooperative Extension, and 4 P’s Ranch.This event is designed for youth who do not own their own goats or know anything about goats but are interesting in learning about goats and how to show.  The youth are put into three divisions (or groups): cloverbud (ages 5-8), junior (ages 9-13), and senior (ages 14-18).  They stay with their assigned group from the start of the event all the way through the end.
Youth start out at one of the three clinic stations:

  • Goat Facts and Nutrition
  • Goat Equipment and Anatomy
  • Goat Showmanship

*Showmanship is more than just showing the goat, it is how well the handler presents their self to the judge and how well they handle the goat.

Every 20 minutes, the youth rotate to their next assigned clinic station.  There are volunteers at each clinic station engaging the youth about the topic to be discussed.  This information is important because they will be asked questions from the clinic to see what they learned when they are showing their goat.

Karen Pike, owner of 4 P’s Ranch demonstrating how to show a goat. 4 P’s Ranch graciously supply’s the show goats used for this event.

4-H Volunteer, Tessa Seitter explaining the different body parts of a goat. Tessa was in charge of the goat equipment and anatomy station.

4-H Volunteer, Michaela Seitter helping youth participants understand goat facts and nutrition at her clinic station.

After the clinic stations end, each division shows starting with cloverbud youth and ending with the senior youth.  Youth get to pick their show goat and then walk their goat around the ring and when asked to stop they will set their goat up.  During the show, the judge will come to each participant and ask them a goat fact question to see what they learned during the clinics.  The judge will then place the class and awards will be handed out.

4-H youth participants, Morgan Wilson and Kamy Strickland showing their goats during the cloverbud division.

4-H youth participant, Adelaide Smith and her show goat!

Youth participants in the junior division line their goats up while waiting for the judge to ask questions.

This photo shows the judge asking youth participant, Liz Sharpe a question about goats.

This photo shows the senior division lining their goats up along the rail for the judge to evaluate how well their goat is set up for showing.

A couple of the show goats catching a nap during the event!

We also have an optional costume class concluding the divisional classes that is just for fun!  Youth get to dress their goat up and are given awards based on their costume!

One of the many dressed up goats during the costume class!

Eat More Chicken!

We want to thank all the youth participants and their parents for being part of this event!  Also, thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who came together to make this event so successful!  We hope to see everyone next year!  For more photos, Like “Pender County 4-H” on Facebook!


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