Barking Buddies Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Barking Buddies 4-H Club decided to create a fun scavenger hunt for 4-H members to do with their dogs!  This exercise helped socialize the 4-H member’s dog as they encountered new situations!  The scavenger hunt took the 4-H members and their dogs to three locations: Hudson’s Hardware in Castle Hayne, Hugh McRae Park, and the beach!  Part of the hunt was to have your photo taken with your dog in those three places so that you could share with the rest of the club members!

In addition to all the fun traveling with your dog, there were several engaging questions following the scavenger hunt for 4-H members to think about and respond to.  Some of the questions were:

  • Were you nervous taking your dog to any of these outings?  Why?
  • How did your dog react to people it did not know?
  • Did anyone pet your dog?
  • Was your dog hard to handle?  Why?
  • Did you have fun?

Here are some of the photos that were taken on the scavenger hunt:

Hudson’s Hardware

The Beach

Hugh McRae Park

And a few more 🙂


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