Barking Buddies: Leader of the Pack!

The newly chartered Barking Buddies 4-H Club met for the second time on October 16, 2012!  There were 13 youth present for the meeting along with 6 parents.  The club held a short business meeting discussing the upcoming events such as the Cape Fear Fair & Expo, Happy Tails Dog Expo, and more!  Several educational videos about 4-H and dogs were shown to the 4-H members to give them ideas of what they can do with their dog in 4-H!

Business Meeting

After the videos were shown, 4-H’ers were given the chance to become volunteers for different roles in a skit.  The skit was about parliamentary procedure.  By participating in the skit, youth learned the different officer roles and how to properly conduct business by using parliamentary procedure.

Parliamentary Procedure Skit

To conclude the meeting, 4-H’ers played a fun ice breaker game where they learned more about each other such as favorite food, color, etc!  They also enjoyed a Fall themed snack of apples and dipped them in caramel and sprinkles!

4-H’ers playing a fun game!

Enjoying caramel dipped apples!

To learn more about joining a 4-H club or becoming a 4-H club leader, please contact Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent at 910-259-1235 or!


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