Bumper Crop of Fun *2012 NC State Fair*

*Reminder, deadlines are approaching to enter crafts or livestock in the NC State Fair*

When most people think about 4-H, one of the first things that comes to mind is the fair!  You might be wondering why that is, well back when 4-H first started the fairs were a great place to showcase their livestock, horses, small animals, arts and crafts, vegetables/fruit grown in their garden, 4-H projects, and more!!  The NC State Fair is one of many highlights throughout the 4-H year and 4-H’ers look forward to the migration to Raleigh to compete in various shows and categories!

4-H club member Quinten Nichols of Purlear, Wilkes County, posing with his prize-winnng ears of corn at North Carolina State Fair

Photo Credit: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/m/exhibits/4h/theme/ncstate/cornclubs#11

If you can get your hands on a premium book for the fair, turn to page 141 and you will see Division IV, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and Department “V”, 4-H Youth Development.  The total premiums offered in this department to 4-H youth is $8,418!!  Wouldn’t you like to win some of that money?!  If you cannot get a copy of the premium book, don’t worry it is all online at: http://ncstatefair.org/2012/Competitions/HowToEnter.htm , or you can view this pdf file: 2012DeptV_StateFair .

The registration process will open on August 1st.  The deadline for entering 4-H Crafts is September 20th and all Livestock areas is September 15th by 5:00 pm.

Before you enter any of the competitions offered, please check out the 4-H entry guidelines for 2012: 4-H Entry Guidelines for 2012 and the club code list (so you can be put under Pender County 4-H) can be found here: Club Code List 2012 .  Also, please send Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent an email at lauren_langley@ncsu.edu with the competitions you are entering for her records!

If you plan on submitting an entry into the state fair (crafts, photography, etc) and you want the 4-H office to take it to the fair, please have your entry to the 4-H office by 5pm on October 5th.  All entries will be taken to the fair on October 7th.



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