State 4-H Council Conference

It is almost time for the 2012 State 4-H Council Conference!  This conference was called the Teen Leadership Conference last year, held in December of 2011.  The conference will be held on November 3 & 4 at the Jane S. McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC.  State Council Conference is for youth ages 13- 18 as of January 1, 2012.  This year the Council is focusing on the Revolution of Responsibility.  There will be programmatic, Ambassador, and State Council workshops.  Also, this year, there will be a session on Sunday for all youth interested in running for District and State office for 2013-2014.  This is a leadership type of event just like Citizenship NC Focus, Congress, and Teen Retreat!  The cost to attend this event will be $100 and that includes facilities, Saturday and Sunday lunches, transportation, lodging for Saturday night, DJ, insurance, and supplies.  *Limited partial scholarships are available, please contact 4-H Agent, Lauren Langley for an application.*

Event t-shirts will be available for purchase at an additional charge of $15 per person, please state if you are paying for a t-shirt at the time of registration.

Please see 4-H Agent, Lauren Langley for more details regarding registration!

*Registration is due by 5:00pm on October 10, 2012*


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