County Activity Day 2012

4-H Cloverbud, Morgan Wilson presenting on tornadoes!

4-H teaches essential life skills such as public speaking and presentation skills!  County Activity Day was held on Monday, June 18, 2012 to allow 4-H members to showcase their presentation and demonstration skills!  There were 10 participants ranging from ages 6 to 15!  Out of the 10 participants, 7 were presenting for the first time!

They were judged based on topic, subject knowledge, presentation, voice, manner and appearance, visual clarity, and on how they answered audience/judge questions.  Our three judges were Leslie Wilson, 4-H Agent in New Hanover County, Kitty Bass, Master Gardener Volunteer, and Priscilla Pierce with Pender County Soil and Water Conservation District.  Every participant received a participation award and positive feedback to help them improve their presentations!

Out of the 10 participants, 9 of them will go on to compete at our District Activity Day this Friday, June 22, 2012 at Lenoir Community College!  If they win first place in their age division and category they will have the opportunity to go on to the state competition held at 4-H Congress in July!

4-H Cloverbud, Morgan Hansen showing what needs to be in a disaster supply kit.

Coastal Explorers 4-H Club member, Skylar Bickel demonstrating how to build a lego house.

Coastal Explorers 4-H Club member, Liz Sharpe demonstrating how to properly set a table.

4-H member, Reagan Taylor giving a PowerPoint presentation about The White House.

4-H member, Tanner Gurganious giving a presentation about coastal hay.

4-H Cloverbud, Ages 5-8 Awards

Left to Right: Lillie Hansen, Morgan Wilson, Morgan Hansen, Samantha Sharpe, Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent

Ages 9-10 Awards

Left to Right: Skylar Bickel, Laurin Rivenbark, Liz Sharpe, Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent

Ages 11-13 Awards

Reagan Taylor and Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent

Ages 14-18 Awards

Left to Right: Sara Lucas, Tanner Gurganious, Lauren Langley, 4-H Agent



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