4-H Visits Elementary School Math & Science Night

NC Cooperative Extension and Pender County 4-H were invited to be a part of Malpass Corner Elementary School’s Math & Science Night on April 24, 2012!  4-H Youth Development Agent, Lauren Langley came prepared to speak about 4-H, Cooperative Extension AND electricity, growing plants, and exploring wildlife!

As you can see from the photo above, the display was very interactive for all ages to learn something exciting about science!  On the right side was a display about sea turtles with some fun facts and tips on how to help save sea turtles.  In the middle of the display you will find fun facts about 4-H and what you can do once you are in 4-H such as community service, join a club, or attend day camp!  Magic of Electricity 4-H curriculum for 4th grade is on the left side of the display board.  On the table you will find two circuits showing how electrons flow to create electricity by lighting up the light bulb. Also, there was a handout with watermelon seeds on how to grow your very on watermelons from a seed!

There were lots of fun interactive displays for youth and their families to participate in to learn more about math and science!  If your school does a science night, you should definitely attend, 4-H may be there!


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