Youth Explored During 4-H Wildlife Day Camp!

The first ever Pender County 4-H Wildlife Day Camp was held on April 3, 2012 at the Surf City Community Center.  In total, 15 youth participated in the wildlife day camp.  We had several guest speakers come by and educate the kids on wildlife such as Andy Wood from Audubon NC, Vic French from NC Wildlife Resources Commission, and Sherry Kittrell (snake safety).  The day camp started out by exploring the nature trail and pond behind the surf city community center with Andy Wood from Audubon NC.  Youth learned about the different wildlife around them and the habitats they live in.

Andy Wood Audubon NC

Next, we were on to lunch!  After lunch, youth participated in arts and crafts activities.  One station they painted recycled milk container bird feeders.  Another station, they made wildlife and habitat collages by using photos from magazines and exploring the outdoors to find materials for their collage.  Youth also made pine cone bird feeders by putting peanut butter on the pine cones and rolling it in bird seed!  In addition, youth did bird word searches and colored educational sheets about birds.

After the arts and crafts were over, more guest speakers arrived to educate the youth on wildlife!  Mr. Vic French came from NC Wildlife Resources Commission to talk about his career and wildlife found in Pender County and NC.  He brought all kinds of furs, skulls, and other interested stuff with him to show the youth about wildlife.

 Our last speaker of the day was Sherry Kittrell, a Pender County Master Gardener that has a passion for educating adults and youth about venomous snakes and snake safety.  She talked about how to identify snakes, avoid snakes, general safety when going outdoors, and what to do if you are bitten by a snake.  She also educated everyone on antivenom, used to treat patients who have been bitten by a venomous snake.  Hopefully all of our youth will now know how to properly identify a snake and stay away from them so they are not bitten!

That concludes the wildlife day camp!  Everyone had a wonderful time and learned a lot!  Special thanks to my volunteers, guest speakers, and facility staff for making the day possible!

*Stay tuned for the release of the Pender County 4-H Summer Adventures day camps during mid-April!


One response to “Youth Explored During 4-H Wildlife Day Camp!

  1. Exploring and recognized one of my favorite former students. I bet that he built his birdhouse with great precision! He would make a great mentor for helping my first grade students make bird houses for the courtyard at school.

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